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This April we are once again blogging along with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Our team of one-place studiers will be sharing some of the treasures to be found for a one-place study, particularly around the theme of Visualisation, our Shared Endeavour for 2016.

F001 Aerial View of Hoarstone 1950s - Owen RoutleyLooking at our places from above is an excellent way of visualising the community that we are studying. It, quite literally, gives a different perspective, helping us to understand the proximity and relationship between buildings and natural features. How far away was a farm from its neighbours? How close was the river, railway or road? Where are the clusters of buildings? Of course maps give some of this information too but an aerial photograph brings the details to life. A map cannot show crop marks, which may indicated former features, in the way that aerial photography can.

If your place is in Britain, take a look at the Britain from Above website. Of course Google Earth (or Earth view in Google Maps) will provide world-wide aerial views and other features are also available. The recent craze for drones also means that Youtube videos are beginning to appear that allow us to view places from above. I am very fortunate that this has been done for one of my places.

Similar to aerial photographs are LIDAR images. These, Wikipedia tells us, are the result of a “surveying technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light.” This penetrates through the ground cover to reveal features that might be hidden by trees in aerial photographs. It is worth finding out if your area has been surveyed in this way and if so, how the images can be accessed.

Janet Few

  6 Responses to “A is for Aerial Photographs”

  1. Excellent start to the A-Z Challenge! a fascinating read.

  2. Janet – it did cross my mind to do Local History as my theme, so I am looking forward to reading your entries.

    fFamily History Fun .

  3. Have been lucky enough to have a series of ariel photos over time which show how the area has developed. They have been invaluable.

  4. Very nice, Janet! Now I’m thinking how stupid my entry for “C” is going to look . . .

  5. Thanks so much for the link to the Britain From Above Sight. There are some wonderful images of my home town way back. So much has changed. Enjoy the A-Z Challenge!

  6. Wow.. that is fascinating! I love aerial photography. I get lost for hours on Google Earth. Will have a peek at Britain From Above. Thanks!
    Best wishes,

    Lori’s A2Zs @ https://asthefateswouldhaveit.wordpress.com/ & https://promptlywritten.wordpress.com/

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