Current Committee


Janet Barrie

Janet is an anaesthetist by profession. She has been studying her family history for 20 years and her one-place studies place for around 10 years. She has an MA in Biblical Interpretation and is interested in how texts are constructed and interpreted within specific contexts. She also enjoys primary sources, whether these are documents, artefacts or recordings. Her One-Place Study website can be found at or on Twitter @Springhill_OPS
Treasurer Liz Craig

Liz Craig

I became interested in family history as a child, having grown up with a family tree of fascinating Welsh names on my bedroom wall. My one-place study is the Somerset village of Dunster. It was the first place I stayed on my first family history holiday – and instantly fell in love! It’s very picturesque and has a rich history going back several centuries.

On a smaller scale, I am doing a Street Study of St Ronan’s Avenue in Southsea, Hampshire. It’s a Victorian terraced cul-de-sac of 28 houses, built in 1900. I am also researching The Temple Lodge Home for Inebriate Women in Torquay (operational 1891-1929) having found an ancestor there in 1901. I was intrigued… What was this institution like? What treatments did they use? Unable to find much information, I decided to research Temple Lodge and its patients myself, to add context to my family history by finding out about the lives of the women who spent time as patients and staff in Temple Lodge.

Secretary Lucy Sarson

Lucy Sarson

Having started researching my family surname of Sarson in 2016, I expanded my research to include a One Place Study of a local street, The Crescent, in Taunton, Somerset, England, where I now live with my partner and our pet snake, George. You can see my interview with the Society here to learn more about me and my study.

When I am not doing family or local history research, you are likely to find me visiting a theatre (it was my dream growing up to be a musical theatre performer!) or during the autumn months, watching Strictly Come Dancing! I am a woman with disabilities although this does not stop me living my life to the full!



Steve Pickthall

My interest in family history began in the early 1980's after seeing a friend's mother sorting through her own family history and I quickly established that my family's roots were primarily in East & West Sussex, Worcestershire & Devon.

I took the Community & Family History course as part of my OU degree and developed a particular interest in parish clerks/sextons/church wardens (roles filled by some of my ancestors) maintaining an online register of these on the web together with a index of people involved in fatal railway accidents.

My one-place study is New Fishbourne, West Sussex because it is somewhere where I have family connections, I had already done some research about it (for my OU course), and it was about the right size (population approx. 300). I started the study around 2005, as an interest I could pursue with my young daughter. She has now outgrown it but I continue to dabble.

I already looked after three other websites (a family history society, a local history society and my own website), so volunteered to take on the One Place Studies webmaster role to fill in my spare time.

Editor, Destinations
Marketing Manager

Karen Bailey

I have loved studying history my whole life, leading to me completing a degree in history and drama. During modules on the formation of the leisure industry in the Victorian era, I developed a life-long passion for my home town, Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire, UK – indeed, my dissertation topic was its development from grimy industrial town to fashionable health spa town during the late Victorian period. I also enjoy genealogy and have been researching for my own family and for friends for over two decades. This naturally led me to create the Droitwich Spa One-Place Study to investigate both local and family history of the town.
In my “day job", I am a marketing specialist, creating campaigns via email, webpages, mobile messaging and direct mail (post) on behalf of major brands worldwide. I am now based back in my Place after nearly twenty years of living in the English North West and Wales.
Social Media Coordinator

Steve Jackson

I had been intrigued by my Mum’s maiden surname - Atcherley - for many years before an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" in 2007 finally prompted me to look into my maternal family history. I was soon hooked, an interest gradually turned into a passion, and years later I am still researching and chronicling the lives of the Atcherleys. As part of my research I visited Waters Upton churchyard in Shropshire to find the last resting place of my 3x great grandmother (Mary Titley, née Atcherley) and her husband. While there I decided to photograph all the gravestones and other monuments with legible inscriptions so that I could transcribe the details and upload the information and images to Find A Grave. Of course, as a genealogist I was curious about all the people whose inscriptions I had photographed and so I began to research them, little knowing that I was starting a one-place study in addition to my one-name / surname study!
Webinar Coordinator

Dr Janet Few

Janet Few was a founder member of the Society for One-Place studies and served on the committee for several years, including a short spell as Chairman. She is the author of guides to one-place studies and runs courses on the subject for Pharos Teaching and Tutoring. Being a glutton for punishment, Janet has four places, three in North Devon and one in Northumberland. As well as organising the society's webinars, Janet is the serving President for the Family History Federation.
Deputy Webinar Coordinator Helen Shields
Committee Member Anna Darelli-Anderson

Anna Darelli-Anderson

A historian and veteran of the United States Air Force, Anna is also a member of the Society of One-Place Studies’ Committee, dedicated to exploring local and family history. In addition to these endeavours, she enjoys working in medical and surgical education as a researcher and Associate Director of Education at the University of Utah.
 Committee Member Jane Harris

Jane Harris

I never set out to do a One-Place Study but the 1861 Census population of North Walls and Brims, Orkney, would not let me abandon them after they were the focus of a project for my postgraduate diploma in Genealogical Studies. The area was my father's birthplace and home to several generations of his family on both sides; setting them in context was my original motivation. Things have rolled along, somewhat fitfully, from there. I’ve been researching my own family history for about 20 years and am currently a professional genealogist. Previously I worked in a church, taught French, was a librarian/information manager and held a few posts in university student services.