Brookfield, Orange County

Country USA
State Orange County, Vermont
Study Area Brookfield (primarily)
About the Study Brookfield is a tiny town in the center of the northeastern U.S. state of Vermont. Its current population is roughly 1,300, but I believe it was more like 600 in 1850-ish, (although that's admittedly a guess). Tiny.

My interest in this town -- and in some surrounding towns, including East Brookfield, Northfield, Williamstown, and (to an extent) Braintree -- stems from the fact that, despite its diminutive size, all eight of my maternal great-grandparents lived in that area. Many of those surnames appear again and again in my family tree, and I am quite keen on figuring out all the ways in which these families fit together.

Population mid-19th century: 600-700?
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