Society for One-Place Studies Google Hangout FAQs and Links


Society for One-Place Studies Google Hangout FAQs and Links

Julie Goucher

November 2013

  1. Google? I do not have an account. How do I do this?

    Open your browser and go to Google – Google is clever enough to know where you are, so it will convert to if you are in the UK.

    Now create your account. This is essentially an email address, but it is the key to a whole host of Google Goodies – YouTube, Google +, Google Drive (spreadsheets and word documents).

    Once you have your email address something like you have the facility to join the Google communities (there are a quite a few genealogical ones, and others!) and join in. You can also access the hangouts.

  2. How do I join a Society hangout?

    You can participate in one of two ways:

    • By participating and joining the hangout as a JOINer
    • By VIEWing the hangout live or from the archived hangout
  3. Where can I participate and get involved?

    Google allows nine people to be in the hangout with the host. It maybe that members or people are invited to take part in a presentation.

    You will need to be a member of the Google Community

    Once you are a member the hangout event will appear in your Google+ Stream. If you respond to the event invite with yes or maybe the event will appear in your Google Calendar and will convert to your time zone.

    If there are more than ten people Google will advise it is full and you will need to view rather than participate.

  4. What is the Google Stream?

    This is effectively your Google dashboard or the equivalent to the Facebook newsfeed. It is where you see what interests you – the posts that have been shared to the Google communities you have joined.

  5. Where can I watch the Hangout as a live event?

    You can be a VIEWer via the YouTube Channel

  6. Can I watch the show later?

    Yes, you can watch the show via the YouTube Channel –

  7. I am on Facebook. How do I find out about the Hangouts?

    The best way to keep up to date and not miss anything is to:

    • Check Facebook regularly – as we will announce the date and details of the hangouts here and will share the link to the YouTube show ONCE THE HANGOUT IS LIVE or you can visit
    • Subscribe to the YouTube Channel – This is useful as YouTube will send you an email when new videos are uploaded.
    • Join the Google Community as it allows the hangout to show in your Google Stream.
    • The Hangouts will be also advertised via the Society Blog and the Calendar – both available via the website –
  8. What topics are going to be discussed on the Hangout?

    This will vary. You can make suggestions via any of the Society social media channels or drop an email to

  9. You are in the UK and I am not. How do I find the correct time for the hangouts?

    If you use Google there is a useful app called World Time Buddy at There are numerous others via a Google Search – one of which is

  10. How often are there hangouts?

    These are likely to be monthly, but may vary.

  11. You have not covered my question; what can I now do?

    You can email or send a message via Facebook.


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