Going to RootsTech?

RootsTech is an enormous family history conference organised by FamilySearch. For those of you lucky enough to get to Utah - have a great time! For the rest of us there is an online option with a mixture of scheduled

Statistics and One-Place Studies

Some of us are number-lovers who like nothing more than a juicy spreadsheet and a tasty graph. They see their studies in terms of individuals within populations and trends. Was this pattern of occupations typical of similar communities? Was the

All About That Place

Wow! What an intense, information-packed ten days that was, and what a fabulous way to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I am in awe at at the sheer number and range of talks submitted and topics covered over the 10 days.

The Society, social media – and you!

The world of social media is changing, with more and more people either leaving or spending less time on Twitter (now rebranded as ‘X’ and with monthly charges for all users proposed). Meanwhile alternative platforms – including several new ones

‘10’ themed projects

This is our tenth anniversary year and some of our members are doing a mini-project with a ‘10’ theme. Ideas in progress include: • Changes in the community in a 10/100/1000 year period • The 10th person in the parish

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