Country: Czech Republic

Region (County/State / Province): Moravia-Silesia

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Contact: Laura Suchan

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Study Description 

Lichten (as it was known in German) was a village in Moravia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until after WW1 when it became part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia. The village, now known by its Czech name Lichnov, is located in the valley of the river Čižina about 12 km from the border with Poland and 13 km east of Bruntal. According to the village’s website (, the population is currently 1044 permanent residents. 

There was a large German population in the village until after WW2. As a result of an agreement made at the Potsdam Conference, German nationals were expelled from Czechoslovakia. My great-grandfather, Franz Schmid and his family, were expelled in August 1946 and made their way to Germany. Some of the prominent German surnames in the village historically were Schmid, Thrul, Pomp, Orleth and Matzner. The study will focus on the ethnic Germans living in the village.


1700 until 1947


2057 in 1930, of which 2028 were ethnic Germans.

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