Morley Square, Bishopton

Morley Square, Bishopton, Bristol
Country England
County Bristol
Study Area Morley Square, Bishopston
About the Study One of about half a dozen private squares in Bristol, Morley Square is the only one in Bishopston. We are have lived in the square for 20 years and recently researched the history of the square and the 28 dwellings whose owners are jointly responsible for the upkeep of the square. The research spans from its inception in 1888/90 till current times. The result is a book and a website.

The population of the square has changed considerably over the 130 years since the houses were build: the 1891 census shows 153 people lived in the square, 70 of them children! The square itself has had a chequered history and was narrowly saved from being taken into Council ownership after the Second World War by the efforts of the residents.

Population 170 in 1891
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