Newport Pagnell War Memorial

Country England
County Buckinghamshire
Study Area Newport Pagnell War Memorial
About the Study The Newport Pagnell Parish War Memorial OPS will research the men from the parish who died serving in the 1st World War including their lives, jobs, families and homes. The study will include details of their service and their lives before and uptown the war. Also the impact on their families after the war. In essence I will create biographies for these men and their families. I will map their homes and professions and gain insight into their lives. Although the focus is the Great War, the study will go back the beginning of these men's lives so will incorporate all the years from the late 1800's until the years following the war. I will also be including WW2 fatalities from the parish. The aim is to turn these (mainly) working class men from being names on a list to men with real lives, families and jobs. I will be creating a dedicated website for this with a view to write a comprehensive book on the findings of the OPS.
Population late 1800's - 1918 (and beyond)
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