Country England
County Cheshire
Study Area Stretton
About the Study This a community project aiming to bring together and share photos and stories about the village of Stretton, near Warrington.

Stretton derives its name from 'tun on the street' – the township on the Roman road leading from Middlewich to Warrington, known as King Street and prospered through its excellent communication links.

Stretton has always been an important agricultural village, fortunate with good soils. After so many years of relatively stable numbers the greatest change in the village has occurred in the last 50 years. The agricultural community has been transformed by the construction of the M56 motorway and new housing development following Warrington's designation as a New Town.

I became fascinated by the history of the village by our late neighbour whose ancestors had lived in the parish for over 200 years. After realising that these stories were in danger of being lost forever, I started to record the memories and share them with the wider world.

Over the last ten years the interest in the village's history has grown as has the research.

Population The population of Stretton remained constant from 1881 when it was 396 until 1939 when it was little different at 371. By 2018 it had nearly trebled.
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