Buckland Brewer

Buckland Brewer Church 2007
Country England
County Devon
Study Area Buckland Brewer
About the Study The gathering of the history of Buckland Brewer is underway. An active history group is working on several projects. These include a collection of old photographs, an oral history project and world war one research. The ‘Buried in Buckland’ project, involving photographing and fully transcribing all the gravestones in the village, is complete. The resulting database has been cross referenced with the burial register, which has also been indexed. A reprint of the classic 1930s history of the parish is underway. Other records are being indexed and biographies and genealogies of the past inhabitants are being compiled. A map of the village in 1851, showing who is believed to have lived where, has been researched and drawn by villagers. A list of emigrants who left Buckland Brewer in the nineteenth century has been collated, together with information concerning the emigrants’ lives both before and after emigration. During 2015 we will be working with the community to create a snapshot of the community in 2015. This will echo a similar project undertaken by the local WI in 1965.

There is a discussion forum about the history of Buckland Brewer on Genealogywise.

Population 1,108 in 1841
Contact Janet Few
Website http://bucklandbrewerhistorygroup.wordpress.com/