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About the Study Bulkworthy is a small parish, in terms of both area and population. It is exclusively rural, consisting of several scattered, outlying farms. The only semblance of a village is the group of cottages surrounding Town Farm, known collectively as ‘Church Town’ and a slightly larger hamlet at Haytown. A full reconstruction has been carried out for the inhabitants of nineteenth century Bulkworthy and this is being extended. Further information about the history of the parish is available here.

Bulkworthy, although considered to be an historic parish in its own right, was formerly a chapelry of Buckland Brewer. There was a strong Bible Christian presence in the parish. The religious allegiance of the inhabitants of Bulkworthy was to have a significant effect on the population, particularly in the 1850s and prompted many of their emigrations. A list of emigrants and their stories is held.

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For further information see also Faith, Fish, Farm or Family? The Impact of Kinship Links and Communities on Migration Choices and Residential Persistence in North Devon 1841-1901.

In-Depth In-Depth report on Bulkworthy
Population 196 in 1841, 88 in 1901.
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