Feniton Old Village-2
Country England
County Devon
Study Area Feniton
About the Study In 2008, Feniton Church organised a History Weekend called 'The Feniton History Days'. This was a very successful event raising some £4,000 towards the church roof fund.In October 2009, Brenda Powell and Christine Gibbins decided to start a History Group for the village.

The aim of the group is to document the village’s past. We have transcribed the parish registers, the tithe map apportionment and we are researching medieval history, families, buildings, church, schools and farms.

I am Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for the village and can help with many types of queries.

Population 1,916 in 2005
In-Depth In-Depth Report on Feniton
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Website http://feniton.blogspot.co.uk/