Country England
County Devon
Study Area Torquay
About the Study Modern Torquay is a holiday resort on the south coast of Devon.

TORQUAY was originally a hamlet by the quay, but development from the late eighteenth century (the population of this parish increased over thirteen-fold between 1801 and 1851) has resulted in the town of Torquay embracing the whole parish of Tormohun (commonly called Tormoham) and also absorbing the neighbouring parishes of St Marychurch and Cockington, both of which became part of Torquay in the early twentieth century.

Originally a winter holiday resort for the gentry, the large population increase was due to the demand for servants to serve in the many large villas being built to serve this market, with the subsequent increase in trades to cater for everyday needs of the population as well as the booming building industry. My special interest lies in the businesses and manufacturers that developed from this, as well as the families involved.

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