Farningham Road

Country England
County Greater London
Study Area Farningham Road, Tottenham N17
About the Study My grandparents lived in Farningham Rd Tottenham and I visited them during the 1950's and 60's. To the best of my knowledge they spent the whole of their married life living at the same address and their parents lived less than 1/2 mile away. A study of this area will compliment my family history research.
I have already discovered that the road was built in 3 stages with renaming and renumbering making initial research interesting! Originally Farningham Road was a short road surrounded by market gardens, orchards and farmland, developing into completely residential and a small engineering works. The whole area is working class with owner occupied and rented houses.
I knew that a great uncle and his family had also lived in Farningham Road. But from the electoral rolls and census I have found a 2xg aunt and 2xg grandparents and their families living there plus at least 3 families with surnames closely linked to my family tree. Originally I was intending to research from 1911 - 1972 covering the time of my grandparents marriage from 1916 - 1972, but I can now account for relatives living in Farningham Road continuously from 1891 to 1972 at least. Already the time frame of the study has been extended.
So far I have constructed a spreadsheet of the houses and their occupants from electoral rolls, the 1939 Register and the census from 1891, 1901 and 1911. I will look at the effects the two world wars and the depression had upon the Farningham Road population. Census information shows the origins of the families and their occupations. Maps show the development of Farningham Road and the surrounding area.
Population 1939 Register gives a total of 112 residents, this will not include anyone already in the forces.
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