New Houghton

New Houghton
Country England
County Norfolk
Study Area New Houghton
About the Study This is the village attached to Houghton Hall, where Robert Walpole had lived. It is now in the possession of the Marquess of Cholmondeley, who has been a great help to me over many years; and so has David Yaxley, the Archivist. I have done much work on the 19th century inhabitants, their life and work, and the cottages; all based on archive material in the Hall. I have not neglected the Hall entirely, but there are others better able than I to tackle its architecture, furnishings and paintings. Most of the population of New Houghton since about 1730 have lived in the blocks of houses - now painted white - on either side of the road leading to the South Lodges and the main gates. Before that, however, the village was closer to the church and Hall. Some, however, did - and still do - live beyond those gates. My maternal grandfather was born in New Houghton, on the Village Street; and he moved to industrial South Yorkshire in about 1890. His father had been a gardener on the estate; his father before him had been a bailiff at one of the farms; and his father in turn had arrived in the village at the beginning of the 19th century. Hence my predominant interest in that period.

I can more or less say with accuracy exactly where people lived in certain census years.

Population 238 in 1834
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