Marske by the Sea

St. Germain, Marske by the Sea - 2
Country England
County North Yorkshire
Study Area Marske by the Sea
About the Study
The village of Marske by the Sea lies between Redcar and Saltburn on the North Yorkshire coast. It is my birthplace and has become endlessly fascinating because of the variety of people who have lived and worked there throughout the centuries.

My maternal grandparents lived directly opposite the path leading down to the beach and one of my earliest pastimes was reading the gravestones in the old churchyard of St Germain. This is the burial place of Captain James Cook's father but other residents of the village are no less interesting and they all have a story that has contributed to local history.

I am now tying together many years of research by following the inhabitants through census returns, parish records, newspaper articles, wills and other informative records. If you are researching your own family history in Marske by the Sea or New Marske, please contact me because I would love to compare notes.

Population 2,948 in 1911
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