West Tanfield

Country England
County North Yorkshire
Study Area West Tanfield Parish, including the hamlets of Binsoe, Nosterfield and Thornborough
About the Study My interest in the parish stems from 3 generations of my husbands maternal ancestors, who ran one of the village pubs for nearly 90 years, appearing on every census. Marriages within the parish suggest some of his ancestral lines could go back 9 or more generations, even linking back to some of the early 16th and 17th century wills. I am transcribing census and parish records, constructing family tress of village families, and intend to answer questions on naming patterns, surnames, occupations, migration, ownership/transfers of property and farms, the schoolmasters, clergy, charities, the workhouse etc. I intend to access archive records (not available online) including wills, tithes, leases, coroners reports, criminal records, bastardy and resettlement records. Also, I intend to compare quantity and quality of BMD and census records across website resources to determine gaps and transcription errors.
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