Fawsley Hall from the churchyard
Country England
County Northamptonshire
Study Area Fawsley
About the Study Although I have started this OPS to use as an example in a series of blog posts illustrating how a one-place study website/blog can be set up, I do have a genuine interest in and love of this parish. It's local to me, and I have visited its lakes, parkland and other features since the 1970s.

Although its population is very small, Fawsley has a lot of history associated with it. This is largely thanks to the Knightley family, who were the owners of the Fawsley estate and occupants of Fawsley Hall from the early 1400s to the early 1900s. I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the Knightleys, their predecessors, the other parishioners (including those who lived in Fawsley's long-abandoned villages), and the place they called home.

I may at some point expand this study to cover the whole of the Fawsley estate, which extended beyond the parish boundaries to include parts of Charwelton, Preston Capes and Badby.

Population 1801: 29. 1891: 61 (highest figure from a census). 1961: 29.
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