Country England
County Shropshire
Study Area Edgmond
About the Study The study is only in its infancy, but in the first instance is mainly concerned with nineteenth century records. I will start with producing an in-depth report, but then concentrate on transcriptions of the census, tithe survey of 1841 and trade directories. I will then branch out and move onto other records as the winds take me, but this may well be producing family reconstructions, with a particular emphasis on pre-WW1 records. Other directions will include parish registers, poor law records and local newspaper information.

I hope to have a website up and running in a fairly short period of time and add to it as records are transcribed. I also intend to create a blog where the analysis of the data can be presented.

Population 366 in 1851
Contact Andrew Coles
Website edgmondops.co.uk/