Country England
County Suffolk
Study Area Cransford
About the Study Cransford is a small parish in Suffolk in the hundred of Plomesgate. With just over 1200 acres (1912) and a peak of 70 inhabited houses in 1851, it is a small but important settlement.

It has been a largely agricultural community with close links to Framlingham (particularly) and Saxmundham, and anciently had two manors: Cransford Hall and Vis Delow Hall (Visdeliou, Fidler's...a very many variants over the years!)

I am currently writing a book about Cransford and as such am essentially researching the entire parish. My existing study is in neighbouring Badingham and therefore Cransford is a great companion study which, currently, is my research focus.

Population 309 - 1851
162 - 2011
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