Royal Wootton Bassett

Royal Wootton Bassett
Country England
County Wiltshire
Study Area Royal Wootton Bassett
About the Study I originally researched Wootton Bassett during the Great War for a book I published in 2014. I told the stories of the residents of every single house in the town and researched their war service. Since then I have been working on a revised edition ‘Wootton Bassett 100 Years Ago’. A considerable effort has been made to improve this edition not only by extending the years covered, but also adding to the depth of genealogical research. I have cross referenced every name and address with the 1918 electoral roll, added information about people who trained as nurses, and on an a lighter note, added lots of information about residents’ cars and motorcycles! As before I am covering Wootton Bassett, and the surrounding hamlets of Hook, Tockenham, Lydiard Tregoze, Hay Lane, and Grittenham, Callow Hill, and a little about Brinkworth. This is a very thorough study which has taken me about seven years so far.
Population <2000, concentrating mainly on 1910-1920
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