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Lanarkshire (Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Lannraig), also known as the County of Lanark, is a historic county in the central Lowlands of Scotland. Lanarkshire is bounded to the north by the counties of Stirlingshire and Dunbartonshire (this boundary is split into two sections owing to Dunbartonshire's Cumbernauld exclave), to the northeast by West Lothian and Mid Lothian, to the east by Peeblesshire, to the south by Dumfriesshire, and to the west by Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Its main town is currently Hamilton (historically it was Lanark).

Lanarkshire occupies the valley of the river Clyde, which crosses the county from the north-west to south-east. It is predominantly flat and agricultural.

During the twelfth century, numerous Flemish families settle in the Strathclyde. In the reign of James I (1603-1625), a portion of Strathclyde was separated from the rest of the county of Lanark and formed into the county of Renfrew.

The following locations have registered studies: