New Monkland

New Monkland
Country Scotland
County Lanarkshire
Study Area New Monkland Parish (Airdrie)
About the Study I studied the more Prominent Families of this Parish for my University Dissertation & over the years have gone on to look further into the area & its People.

During the Lockdown in 2020 I set up the 'New Monkland (Airdrie) Back in Time' Facebook Group where I often share information. I quickly realised that this shared information should really be documented elsewhere & made the decision to start a One Place Study.

New Monkland Parish formerly contained the town of Airdrie & the villages of Avonhead, East Longrigg, Greengairs, Longriggend, Plains, Riggend, Roughrigg, Wattston, West Longrigg, Clarkston & Glenboig, along with with a part of Coatdyke.

Over the years there have been a great many collieries & ironstone mines many of which have attracted an influx of workers from all over the UK, Ireland & beyond.

This is a large project so I intend to start on various sets of early records from when the Parish was much smaller, along with looking at some of the stately homes, institutions & businesses.

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