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Orkney: 58.980940, -2.960521

Orkney (Scottish Gaelic: Arcaibh) is an archipelago of 70 islands off the North coast of Scotland. Only 20 of the islands are inhabited. The main island is somewhat confusingly called Mainland and contains Kirkwall, the county's main town.

Warm ocean currents give the islands the mild climate that makes them one of Scotland's most productive farming areas, with beef cattle being the main product. Fishing is also a highly significant industry but recently tourism has overtaken both it and farming in terms of earnings

Remains of prehistoric origin are to be found in abundance. They include burial chambers and rings of standing stones as well as the Stone Age village of Skara Brae which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Viking raiders arrived from Norway 1200 years ago and colonized the islands but they came under Scottish rule in 1472 when, along with Shetland, they were ceded to Scotland in lieu of a wedding dowry.

The following locations have registered studies: