Country: Scotland

Region (County/State / Province): Ayrshire


Contact: Judie McCourt

Study Description 

The newly formed Ballantrae History Group is seeking to preserve and continually add to historic information including photographs, diaries, oral testimonies and other artefacts of village life. A One Place Study would run alongside the various activities of the Group to provide a framework and a repository. We are also building on the work done by Christine and Keith Brown who gathered a large body of knowledge over many years. This will be added to our OPS.


We are not restricting the date span of our study, it will be led by the particular areas of interest of the Group’s members


1841 – 1,658 | 1851 – 1,800 | 1861 – 1,480 | 1871 – 1,263 | 1881 – 1,441 | 1891 – 1,265 | 1901 – 1,124 | 1911 – 1,075 | 1921 – 1,285

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