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27 February 2024

8.30 pm GMT

Joint meeting with the Family Historian Zoom group: ‘Possible uses of Family Historian for One-Place Studies’

Family history software now goes far beyond recording the dates and events of our direct ancestors. Please join us for this extra webinar in which power users of Family Historian look at how they use it to help their studies. Topics include geolocation, querying and making connections between data, working with unrelated families, visualising data, handling media, export options…all with a focus on place rather than person.
Those of us who already use Family Historian for our places will get new ideas about its possibilities. Those of us who don’t will still get ideas to explore within the programs we do use.
This is one of an occasional series of webinars concentrating on specific programs or techniques. If you have other suggestions please get in touch and we will explore these.

12 March 2024

8.30 pm GMT

The Harrogate Club

Fiona Movley

Join Fiona Movley, for a light-hearted journey through the first 130 years of The Harrogate Club. Our journey touches on Club minutes, members suggestions, complaints and correspondence. These ‘Gems’ not only cast a light on the development of The Harrogate Club but give a fascinating and amusing insight into society’s conventions and their development over time.

13 March 2024

10 am – 1 pm and 

7.30 pm – 9.30 pm GMT

One-Place Wednesday Online

Come and join other members for an on-line chat on anything to do with One-Place Studies.

9 April 2024

8.30 pm BST

Members’ contributions

• One-Place Spring – did your residents dance round the maypole?
• One-Place Post – stories behind the envelopes
• One-Place Weddings – was love in the air in your places.

12 May  2024

8.30 pm BST

Canva for One-Place Studies

Natalie Pithers

11 June 2024

8.30 pm BST

Considerations for Beginning a European OPS

Julie Goucher

9 July 2024

8.30 pm BST

US land records

B. J. Jamieson

13 August 2024

8.30 pm BST

The English Workhouse C18th – C20th

Wendy Tait

10 September 2024

8.30 pm BST

Reconstructing Dingwall

Jonathan McColl

8 October 2024

8.30 pm BST

Milbury Folk, the history of an ancient lane and those who lived there

Sally MacDougall

Archaeological records show neolithic activity in the area and above the village, Milbury Lane would have been a continuation of the “deepway” access to the river Exe.
(Joint meeting with Devon FHS)

23 November 2024

14.00 pm BST

Conference and Annual General Meeting

Details to follow

10 December 2024

8.30 pm BST

Women Educating Cheshire: The History of the Cheshire County Training College 1908-1974

Margaret Roberts

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