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Saturday 20 November 2021
3 pm GMT
Conference and AGM 2021
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Tuesday 14 December 2021
8.30 pm GMT
One Place Celebrations Members’ Contributions
Tuesday 11 January 2022
8.30 pm GMT
Town Hall and traders: the High Street Croydon to 1901
with Carol Roberts
Tuesday 8 February 2022
8.30 pm GMT
The Story of Bucks Mills
with Chris Braund (this talk will not be recorded)
Tuesday 8 March 2022
8.30 pm GMT
Dunster Ag Labs
with Liz Craig (this talk will not be recorded)
Tuesday 12 April 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
A brief history of Myddelton Street: a London street through the ages
with Dave Annal
Tuesday 10 May 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
Tales from Visdelow Hall
with Elizabeth Walne
Tuesday 14 June 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
Why we believe what we do about our places
with Janet Barrie
Tuesday 12 July 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
with Margaret Wallace
Tuesday 9 August 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
Drinking from the Well of the Nuns
with Sue Swalwell
Tuesday 13 September 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
Tuesday 11 October 2022
8.30 pm BST (GMT +1)
Street Studies
with Liz Craig and Lucy Sarson
November 2022 Conference and AGM 2022
Tuesday 13 December 2022
8.30 pm GMT

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