Membership Renewal Q&A


We’re not your traditional family or local history society, and our membership renewal process may be a little different to that you’ve seen with other societies. Here’s how the renewal process works:

I joined and paid via Paypal – now what?

If you originally paid via Paypal then this created an annual charge in your Paypal account. On the anniversary of your registration your membership renewal will be automatically charged to your Paypal account. Easy! You’ll receive full access to our website and other membership benefits for the 12 months from the date of payment.

If you prefer not to have this auto-renewal in place, you can cancel it yourself within your Paypal account (see ).

I wish to retain membership but cancelled my Paypal automatic renewal – now what?

If we don’t receive your renewal payment when expected then we’ll be in touch shortly thereafter, however we suggest you contact our membership secretary ahead of your anniversary date to let us know your wishes. You can go ahead right now and make a one-off payment for your membership renewal via Paypal.

I paid cash/bank payment when I joined – now what?

There’s a more traditional approach for those of you that paid via more traditional payment methods. Your membership renewal will run in line with our 30 September year-end – your £10 annual payment for membership renewal is due by 1 October each year. We’ll remind you about this in the September issue of Destinations, and follow up with an email in October if we don’t receive your payment on time. We don't pay a bank fee if you pay us by bank transfer, so more of your membership will go towards supporting the aims of the Society.

If you join in the month of September, you may not have had a chance to fully explore all the material on our website yet so you’ll get that first month as a bonus and your renewal won’t be due until 1 October the following year.

I paid cash when I joined but would like to switch to Paypal for renewals – now what?

No problem, go ahead now and make an auto-renewing payment from your Paypal account (if you prefer to make a one-off payment this year you can do that too).

I have more questions?

Contact either our treasurer if you have any further questions about your membership status or renewal payments.