Here is our second round-up of updates to our members’ websites – with a reminder about our Members’ Websites Competition and a full list of all of our members’ online offerings.

Alpha – Jericho in Queensland, Australia (Janice Cooper)

In Private School Teachers, posted on 3 June, Janice looks at the Glanville sisters, some of whom were the first teachers at a private school in Jericho.

Antrobus in Cheshire, England (Clare Olver)

Clare looked at Evacuees at Arley School in a blog post added on 9 May, using the school register as her primary source.

Badingham and Cransford in Suffolk (Elizabeth Walne)

Elizabeth has extended the website which previously covered Badingham to include her second OPS of Cransford, and it has a brand new web address: It also has a brand new blog post, posted on 22 May: Badingham Men’s Club.

Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford in Worcestershire, England (Maureen Spinks for the Badsey Society)

The stream of new articles contributed to their website by Badsey Society members has continued unabated, with a further 12 in May and six so far in June. These include pieces on VE Day in Badsey in 1945, and the VE Day commemoration this year in Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford, plus a look at the Spanish flu epidemic in Badsey in 1918-19.

Buckland Brewer in Devon, England (Janet Few / Buckland Brewer History Group)

Items added to the Buckland Brewer History Group’s Latest News page look back at the Group’s meeting in May, and forward to the next one in June – all virtual of course!

Cairneyhill in Fife, Scotland (Jacqueline Hunter)

Cairneyhill People and History is one of two OPS websites which Jacqueline has recently relaunched. The site’s blog features two posts so far, and we look forward to seeing more.

Chislet in Kent, England (Paul Carter)

Chislet One-Place Study is one of three new Name & Place websites which Paul has recently launched for his one-place studies in Kent.

Dayton, LaSalle County, in Illinois, USA (Candace Wilmot)

Historic editions of the Ottawa Free Trader have provided Candace with inspiration for most – but not all – of the six posts which she has recently added to her website’s blog.

Feniton in Devon, England  (Christine Gibbins / Feniton History Group)

In VE Day 8 May 1945 to 8 May 2020 --- 75 Years, Christine looks at VE day celebrations in Feniton in 1945, the losses suffered by the village during the war, and the situation 75 years later with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

Great Ellingham in Norfolk, England (Heather Etteridge)

With 18 new posts to her website since my last round-up of members’ websites, Heather has continued to be a busy blogger! One of Heather’s posts, Emigration to Australia, was referenced in Peter Calver’s Lost Cousins newsletter of 11 June – check out When a One-Place Study can help to find out more.

Melrose in Roxburghshire, Scotland (Viv Dunstan)

Congratulations to Viv on the publication of her OPS-inspired article, based on her postgraduate Masters research, in the Journal of Scottish Historical Studies. A link to the article, which is currently free to view and download, can be found in Viv’s blog post New academic article about Melrose’s 17th century court.

North Walls and Brims in Orkney, Scotland (Jane Harris)

Two new OPS blog posts have been added to Jane’s website. Call up for three sons – WW2 features photos of Jane’s father and uncles, along with a note written by their mother listing the dates when each of them went away to war. Changing occupations, 1861-1911, North Walls and Brims makes a great contribution to the Society’s Shared Endeavour for 2020.

Parham in Suffolk, England (Simon Last)

Simon has continued to post pictures and snippets of information on the Parham Suffolk Facebook page, featuring people and places in the parish.

Rillington in North Yorkshire, England (Pam Smith)

Pam has recently launched a new Rillington One-Place Study website at Name & Place, in addition to adding numerous posts (most with photos) to the OPS Facebook page since my last round-up.

St Nicholas at Wade in Kent, England (Paul Carter)

St Nicholas at Wade One-Place Study is another of three new Name & Place websites which Paul has recently launched for his one-place studies in Kent.

Shandon in Dunbartonshire, Scotland (Jacqueline Hunter)

Shandon People and History is the second of Jacqueline’s two OPS websites, both of which have recently been relaunched. There are already three posts on this site’s blog.

Springhill in Lancashire, England (Janet Barrie)

Updates to Janet’s website over the last month or so include a page on Covid-19 in Springhill, and more 52 residents blog posts.

Stretton in Cheshire, England (Clare Olver)

On 6 May, Clare added a post to her blog highlighting her article on The back story to the History of Stretton, which was published in the March 2020 issue of our journal Destinations. Clare also made a copy of the journal available for download from her website.

Waters Upton in Shropshire, England (Steve Jackson)

Following my two-part post on blacksmiths, on 9 May I added A fatal tricycle accident at Waters Upton (also in two parts) to my blog. This focusses on the inquest that followed an unusual and tragic death, and features several of my place’s residents. I have also updated my Links page, added further entries to my Crime and Land pages, and created two three pages: Electoral registers; Death notices etc.; and In other news.

Wickhambreaux in Kent, England (Paul Carter)

Wickhambreaux One-Place Study is the third of three new Name & Placebrou websites which Paul has recently launched for his one-place studies in Kent.

Whitley in Cheshire, England (Clare Olver)

Inspired by the Old Railway Accidents project, on 8 May Clare blogged about the shocking death of one of her place’s residents at Huddersfield Railway Station in 1886.

Wonersh in Surrey, England (Jan Cooper)

The Recent Updates page on Jan’s website shows that profiles for many people in the site’s online family tree have been updated during May and June.

Woodnorth in Manitoba, Canada (Pamela Forsyth)

On 4 June, Pamela updated her blog to announce that she has completed and posted the transcription of the Woodnorth Consolidated School Board Minutes for meetings held from the opening of the Consolidated School in 1918 to the end of 1951. The Society for One-Place Studies is also mentioned and our website linked to – many thanks Pamela!

Don’t forget that nominations for our first Members’ Website Competition must be received by 30 September 2020. With that in mind, in addition to the summary of recent updates to our members’ websites, I have appended below a full list of all of our members’ sites. Many, even if they haven’t been added to recently, provide a wealth of information about the places they are dedicated to – take a look, be inspired, and submit a nomination or two!

Steve Jackson
Social Media Coordinator

Australia » Queensland » Alpha – Jericho (Janice Cooper) – see main article above.
Australia » Queensland » Murphys Creek (Pauleen Cass)

Canada » Manitoba » Newdale (M. Diane Rogers)
Canada » Manitoba » Woodnorth (Pamela Forsyth) – see main article above.
Canada » Ontario » Columbus (W. Wesley Johnston)
Canada » Ontario » Dummer (Fraser Dunford)
Canada » Quebec » Valcartier (Patricia Balkcom)

England » Bristol » Gloucester Road, Bishopton (Chris Wallace)
England » Bristol » Morley Square, Bishopton (Chris Wallace)
England » Buckinghamshire » Bourne End (Dave Foster)
England » Buckinghamshire » Great Kimble and Little Kimble (Stephen Daglish)
England » Buckinghamshire » Wing (Alex Coles)
England » Cambridgeshire » Fletton (Sadie McMullon)
England » Cambridgeshire » Holywell-cum-Needingworth, Huntingdonshire (Peter Cooper)
England » Cambridgeshire » Trumpington (Howard Slatter)
England » Cheshire » Antrobus (Clare Olver) – see main article above.
England » Cheshire » Comberbach (Lyn McCulloch)
England » Cheshire » Stretton (Clare Olver) – see main article above.
England » Cheshire » Whitley (Clare Olver) – see main article above.
England » Cornwall » St Blazey (W. Wesley Johnston)
England » Derbyshire » The Handleys – Middle, Nether & West (The Handleys)
England » Devon » Bratton Clovelly (Kim Baldacchino)
England » Devon » Buckland Brewer (Janet Few / Buckland Brewer History Group) – see main article above and also
England » Devon » Bucks Mills (Janet Few)
England » Devon » Bulkworthy (Janet Few)
England » Devon » Feniton (Christine Gibbins) – see main article above.
England » Devon » Revelstoke (Michelle Wood)
England » Devon » South Pool (Ros Haywood)
England » Devon » Thornbury Hamlets (Magdalen (Meg) Galley-Taylor)
England » Devon » Torquay (Terry Leaman)
England » Essex » Great Hallingbury (Michelle Watson)
England » Hampshire » Millbrook (Ivan Hurst)
England » Hampshire » Sopley (Ivan Hurst)
England » Kent » Chislet (Paul Carter) – see main article above.
England » Kent » St Nicholas at Wade (Paul Carter) – see main article above.
England » Kent » Wickhambreaux (Paul Carter) – see main article above.
England » Lancashire » Springhill, Higher Cloughfold (Janet Barrie) – see main article above.
England » Norfolk » Great Ellingham (Heather Etteridge) – see main article above.
England » Northamptonshire » Nassington (Clive Reedman)
England » Northumberland » Thockrington (Janet Few)
England » North Yorkshire » Hardcastle Garth (Michael Hardcastle)
England » North Yorkshire » Malton (John Blanchard)
England » North Yorkshire » Rillington (Pam Smith) – see main article above.
England » North Yorkshire » Thoralby (Penny Ellis)
England » Shropshire » Edgmond (Andrew Coles)
England » Shropshire » Waters Upton (Steve Jackson) – see main article above.
England » Somerset » Combe Down (Richard Hill)
England » Somerset » Winsham (John Sullivan)
England » Suffolk » Aspall / Debenham / Kenton / Mickfield / Winston (Suzie Morley)
England » Suffolk » Badingham (Elizabeth Walne) – see main article above.
England » Suffolk » Cransford (Elizabeth Walne) – see main article above.
England » Suffolk » Parham (Simon Last) – see main article above.
England » Surrey » Woking (Pete Smee)
England » Surrey » Wonersh (Jan Cooper) – see main article above and
England » West Midlands » Meriden (Doreen Agutter)
England » Worcestershire » Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford (Maureen Spinks / Badsey Society) – see main article above.

Ireland » Clare » Broadford and East Clare (Pauleen Cass)

Northern Ireland » Tyrone » County Tyrone (Teena Troock)

Scotland » Argyll » Ardchattan (Jill Bowis)
Scotland » Argyll » Glenaray (Jill Bowis)
Scotland » Berwickshire » Coldingham (Viv Dunstan)
Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Shandon (Jacqueline Hunter) – see main article above.
Scotland » East Lothian » Ballencrieff (Lorna Kinnaird)
Scotland » Fife » Cairneyhill (Jacqueline Hunter) – see main article above.
Scotland » Midlothian » Loanhead (Lorna Kinnaird)
Scotland » Orkney » North Walls and Brims (Jane Harris) – see main article above.
Scotland » Roxburghshire » Melrose (Viv Dunstan) – see main article above.

United States » Illinois » Chicago Grand Crossing Czech Community (W. Wesley Johnston)
United States » Illinois » Dayton (Candace Wilmot) – see main article above.
United States » New Jersey » Snow Hill (S. Jordon)
United States » New York » Gravesend, Brooklyn (Joseph Ditta)
United States » New York » Homer (Sue A. Clark)

Wales » Glamorgan » Llangiwg (Darris Williams),_Glamorgan,_Wales_Genealogy

Have I missed your website from the above list, or a recent update to it in the main article? If so, (1) sorry! and (2) let me know.

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