Conference and AGM 2021


8th AGM and Conference

Saturday, 20th November 2021, 3 pm (GMT)

This conference will be once again be held on-line. Details of how to register are published on the Members Only menu .

First Steps to a One-Place Study

Dr Janet Few

Dr Janet Few

Talk Summary: Using examples from her own English one-place studies in Northumberland and Devon, Janet will explain what you need to consider when choosing a place to study. She will suggest ways in which you can gain an impression of the geographical and man-made features that comprised your place at different times. Finally, Janet will take a brief look at analysing the populations of your place.


Biography: Janet Few is a founder member and former chair of the Society for One-place Studies. She is the author of the booklet ‘Ten Steps to a One-Place Study’ and tutors one-place courses for Pharos Teaching and Tutoring, as well as giving one-place and other talks across the English-speaking world.


Sourcing a One-Place Study


Anna Darelli-Anderson

Anna Darelli-Anderson

Talk Summary: Using examples from around the world, Anna will explain the importance of reliable sources and the collection of data in creating and establishing a one-place study, as well as detail the various types of sources available to researchers and where to find them.


Biography: A historian and veteran of the United States Air Force, Anna is also a member of the Society of One-Place Studies’ Committee, dedicated to exploring local and family history. In addition to these endeavours, she enjoys working in medical and surgical education as a researcher and Associate Director of Education at the University of Utah.


Connecting our Way to a Bigger Picture

Kim Baldacchino

Kim Baldacchino

Talk Summary: Amazingly early in your research, perhaps with your census or BMD transcripts, you can already start to make the connections between people, places and events that will help you to build an understanding of your place and help others to understand and make use of what you have found. In this presentation, real examples will be used to explore the world of possibilities that exist when you begin to analyse your data and pursue those 'ah-ha' moments when new knowledge is unearthed. Topics such as population, occupations, migration, religion and many more provide endless opportunites for a voyage of discovery.

Biography: Kim Baldacchino is a founder member of the Society for One-Place Studies and Webmaster of the Guild of One-Name Studies. An IT professional by career, now her retirement is all about local and family history. She enjoys presenting on a variety of topics and writing articles but her favourite part is trying to find out what all this data might tell us.


Start Spreading The News

Karen Bailey

Talk Summary: Publishing and publicising your One-Place Study and your findings might sound very complicated and difficult, but it can be quite easy if you know how! In this talk, you will learn ways to promote and share your research with the world, both online and offline.


Biography: Karen Bailey is a Committee Member and Marketing Manager for the Society of One-Place Studies, as well as editor of the Society's quarterly journal, Destinations. She is also Vice-president of PR for the Worcester branch of Public speaking association Toastmasters International, and a digital marketing expert in her "day job".