February’s blogging and social media prompt was a tough one. #OnePlaceTragedies was not a topic for everyone understandably, especially given the current worldwide situation. The posts that have been shared are very moving, and show how a tragedy can affect both the community and the place. Many thanks to everyone who felt able to write a post for this prompt.

To bring some light into the darkness of the tragedies, a bonus prompt of #OnePlaceJoys was introduced to add a little levity and happiness. I’m going to include both prompts in this round-up, just so we’re not swamped with misery and grimness.

This post is part one of a round-up of those stories, set out in alphabetical order of place name.

Aldenham in Hertfordshire, England (Dave Annal)

The story behind the stone. The dangers of playing on a frozen pond, and the headstone recording the deaths of 3 children and their mother in 1880 that led to the story being discovered.

Axedale in Victoria, Australia (Jennifer Jones)

Axedale - Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jones

Fatal Accident at Axedale 1886. Farmer James Conroy fell over the culvert at Axe Creek, after spending a few hours in the local Perseverance Hotel.

Deaths of Two Children 1874. Newspaper reports of two unrelated babies who died a day apart.

A #OnePlaceJoys post on the O’Keefe Rail Trail.

Railway Disaster Inquest 1900 and Disaster: New Years Day Excursion to Axedale Station 1900. ‘A shocking railway fatality’ when a vehicle was crossing the railway line when it was hit by a train carrying children on a Sunday School outing.

Badingham and Cransford in Suffolk, England (Elizabeth Walne)

One-Place Tragedy. School mistress Annie Backhouse came from Bradford originally, and came to Badingham to teach around 65 children. The open fire in the schoolroom was the cause of her death, horrifically over 2 months after the accident.

Batley in Yorkshire, England (Jane Roberts)

A St Mary’s School Sensation. Rumours abound about the sudden death of 12 year old John Woodhead – was it pneumonia or did the school teacher strike him?

Hidden Behind a Name. William Townsend or McManus? A very well researched tale of William’s life and death in service on 2 March 1916 at the Somme.

Bledlow in Buckinghamshire, England (Julia Wynn)

Bledlow Tragedy. The brutal murder of farmer John Kingham, and the ensuing court case. Who was responsible for his death?

East Lulworth in Dorset, England (Martin White)

@EastLulworth Moses Roberts, 33, a carpenter, was sadly killed at East Lulworth on 29 Dec 1848. He was cleaning out Brand’s new oven when the arch fell on him.

Great Ellingham in Norfolk, England (Heather Etteridge)

Horseplay in the Village after School Board Election with Fatal Consequences. A simple trapping of his hand in a trap (cart) led to lockjaw and death for labourer Charles Halls. The trap was being used to drag the clerk of the School Board round the village in an unusual local tradition.

Long Buckby Wharf in Northamptonshire, England (Julie Groom)

The canal at Long Buckby Wharf - Photo courtesy of Julie Groom

This is my study and with a canal and a railway, I unfortunately had far too many tragedies to choose from. I have added some #OnePlaceJoys to balance it out.

A double funeral. My great great grandparents Edward and Elizabeth Groom.

#OnePlaceJoys A sumptuous repast... Brewery employees are treated to a sumptuous repast in celebration of their Director’s marriage.

Sad fatality at Long Buckby. 2 young children were drowned in the brook and had an unexpected tribute paid to them.

#OnePlaceJoys Local success... a local chap won prizes at the Crystal Palace International Poultry Show.

Stanley Major. The youngest of the family, Stanley was the third  Major lad to die while in the service of the Army.

#OnePlaceJoys Daventry Horticultural and Floral Society  The young ladies of the Wharf took the prizes for best device in cut flowers.

Sudden death from apoplexy. Eli Marriott’s sudden death left a widow and 8 children berefit.

#OnePlaceJoys Harvest Thanksgiving. The first Harvest celebration in the new Mission Church.

Accident on the London and Birmingham Railway. Blacksmith John Tilley was killed by a train near the Wharf.

Part two of the round-up coming shortly!

Julie Groom
One-placer for Long Buckby Wharf

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