Jun 182021

April’s blogging and social media prompt was #OnePlaceWorship, and while some very small places might not have a designated place of worship within their boundaries, it's more common that our places have more than one. Off to church and chapel we go, then...

First up, it's time to get jealous of Springhill's bounty of riches - take a tour of the 51 (no, that's not a typo) non-conformist chapels, meeting houses and burial grounds.

Don't feel bad - even if you just have one place of worship it'll still prove interesting to research as these postings about single churches from the 1870s demonstrate. Long Buckby Wharf's Mission Church opened in 1875, while the Burcott Congregational Union Chapel in Wing turns 150 this year (or would, if it were not now a residential home), and local newspapers kindly provided very detailed writeups about the establishment and opening of both.

Photos of Rillington's beautiful places of worship were shared in a Twitter thread, along with details from the 1851 ecclesiastical census to show the relative sizes of their congregations.

We also have some contributions from the wider community highlighting interesting resources and research projects. The Victorian Commons tells UK one-placers where to find information about the religious affiliations of their Victorian MPs. Over at The National Archives, Audrey Collins tells us about the 1851 ecclesiastical census and their volunteer transcription project for this.

We know some of you are still busily working on your #OnePlaceWorship contributions. Make sure you post a comment below with a link to your completed masterpiece!

Alex Coles
One-placer for Wing Buckinghamshire

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  1. Just to clarify, the Springhill link has 51 pictures, not 51 different places of worship! There are a lot, but not that many…

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