Apr 212016

This April we are once again blogging along with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Our team of one-place studiers will be sharing some of the treasures to be found for a one-place study, particularly around the theme of Visualisation, our Shared Endeavour for 2016.

This letter must be the easiest of all the A-Z Challenges since relationships are at the heart of what we do as one-place studiers. Every photograph, artefact, document, map and chart we find or create relates in some way to a person, place or event important to our studies. Even better, people, places and events relate to other people, places and events. So the choices for visualising relationships are really quite unbounded:

R is for Relationships Pic 1
R is for Relationships Pic 2

And surely if we can just put together enough of these building blocks, that ‘big picture’ of our community will someday emerge!

Kim Baldacchino

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  1. I really like the concept of visualising relationships. Words are brought to life with images, diagrams, maps et al.

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