Sep 192015

This week Kirsty Gray ran our Hangout on starting a one-place study from scratch. Although she has a fair bit of experience with one-place studying, she's embarking on a brand-new study and so is faced with many of the initial challenges that you, dear newbie, might be. We know that many of you out there are flirting with starting your one-place study and today is an excellent day to watch and pick up some tips how to do that.

Go to the video on our YouTube channel and learn more about Porcupine (yes, that's a place - anyone else out there have a place that's also an animal?), see the initial questions Kirsty asked herself, and where she went to answer some of those questions.

Joining her was an international panel of seven discussing connections to your place, size of places (with both extremes represented!), deciding on priorities, the perils of Googling, getting to know your families, and presenting your study.

Members, remember you can then head to our forums and ask whatever questions you like, and other members will chip in to help answer them.

Alex Coles

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