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Over the course of April we are exploring the studies registered with the Society for One-Place Studies featuring those that correspond to the relevant letter of the alphabet.

What is a One Place Study? That is a fine question and rather than me explain, I will refer you to the Society’s informative website. If you are interested in joining us and /or registering a study we of course welcome you. You can find the joining information HERE.

K is for...

Kinclaven: For this study, we cross the border into Scotland, to the region of Perth and Kinross. Registered with the Society for One-Place Studies, Kinclaven is an ancient medieval parish which was in the Old County of Perthshire until 1975. This parish, which measures ten miles by two miles, has its own website. The study holder Penny has no ancestral links to the parish, but does have a passion for the heritage of the location. The one-place study aims to record, transcribe, or extract name, place and other historical information from a wide variety of sources. If your ancestors hailed from Kinclaven, why not drop Penny an email?

Kinclaven - 2

Kenton: Back across the border into England to the Suffolk parish of Kenton registered with the Society for One-Place Studies. This small parish was formerly owned by the Kenton family who resided at Kenton Hall. Linked very closely to the Debenham one-place study, this is also hosted by Suzie and you can visit the https://www.debenham-ops.org.uk/. Do get in touch with Suzie if you have an interest in the parish of Kenton.

Image courtesy of Kenton Parish Website

Image courtesy of Kenton Parish Website

St Keverne: Continuing our travels south, we head to Cornwall to a parish on the East side of the Lizard Peninsula. Registered with the Society for One-Place Studies, the study holder Terry has a wealth of material and knowledge on this parish as well as writing several publications including St Keverne Parish Remembered (1990), The Mohegan Centenary (1998), St Keverne Methodist Church 1907-2007 (2007) and 50 Years of Ox Roasting (2010). Do drop Terry an email if you have an interest in the parish.

View of the parish church

View of the parish church

Julie Goucher, A-Z Challenge Coordinator

  2 Responses to “A-Z Challenge: K is for…”

  1. I’ve never heard of a one-place study. But I love history and culture and it’s cool to see that brought down to a smaller scale. Learning about cultures and history of different countries is interesting too, but examining a location like this is so much more exact and really gives you a picture of what’s going on in past and present.

  2. Glad to hear this, Suzi. Many of us started in the family history arena. Combining this with the local history dimension adds so much meaning. It’s been a voyage of discovery for me and I now find myself immersed in local history books wanting to discover everything there is to know about my small community.

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