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Over the course of April we are exploring the studies registered with the Society for One-Place Studies featuring those that correspond to the relevant letter of the alphabet.

What is a One Place Study? That is a fine question and rather than me explain, I will refer you to the Society’s informative website. If you are interested in joining us and /or registering a study we of course welcome you. You can find the joining information HERE.

A is for...

Ardchatton: Ardchattan Parish is in North Argyll in Scotland and includes Barcaldine, Benderloch, North Connel, Bonawe, Glen Etive, Glen Ure, and Glen Creran.

The Study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies. The study website is located at The Ardchattan Parish Archive where you can read and see an assortment of information about the parish, people and the environment in which the parishioners lived.


Auchindrain: Again located in North Argyll in Scotland.

This study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies and is attempting to bring together the descendants of the parish who are scattered across the globe.

The parish population at its height in the late nineteenth century was around seventy individuals. The Community study website is where you can explore the fundamentals of a community.

Both the Ardchattan and Auchindrain studies are run by Jill who owns the copyright for the images shown.


Aberlady: Located in East Lothian in Scotland the study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies.

We each have our own catalyst for starting a study and this parish church was Lorna's because it was the parish that her own great great grandmother and her family hailed from. The copyright of the image belongs to Lorna who I am sure would be delighted if your ancestors hailed from Aberlady.


We now cross the border into England for our final A study of today and visit...

Aspall: Located in the English county of Suffolk. Aspall is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies.

The parish itself is small and is a scattering of houses just a few miles from Debenham in Suffolk. Whilst the population of the village has typically been under 200 individuals it is probably well known for the production of Cyder. The https://www.debenham-ops.org.uk/ is available and operated by Suzie who I am sure would be delighted to hear from you if you have an interest in the parish. The map has been provided by the Vision of Britain website.


Julie Goucher, A-Z Challenge Coordinator

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  1. As one of the minions for the A to Z Tech’s, your blog is one of mine to visit and encourage. The first time I looked at it, I was hooked. I am a family historian and recently discovered through the DNA testing that the Scottish heritage the family talked about is real. While I am still trying to sort out my family in America, I can see that I will be looking for places outside the country. Today’s post was more than interesting and I don’t know where to start in Scotland but it’s nice to know the answers will be out there when I’m ready.

  2. Ann, Many thanks for stopping by. We have quite a few studies for Scotland and several Scottish members who I am sure would be more than happy to assist when you cross the pond. Equally we have several studies registered by researchers in the USA, so be sure to pop back as we meander through the alphabet. Best wishes, Julie

  3. A very interesting post. Aspall is in my county of my birth, although I no longer live there.
    Dropping by on the A to Z journey. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to seeing if any places of my ancestors come up in your AtoZ posts through the month 🙂

    Anne from Ballarat
    also participating in the AtoZ challenge at http://ayfamilyhistory.blogspot.com.au/

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