Kerr Station

Engine Nr 250 Waiting at Depot in KERR, NC circa 1950 (1505504_orig)
Country USA
State Sampson County, North Carolina
Study Area Kerr Station - a little North Carolina Railroad Town (1890-1953)
About the Study Kerr Station, or simply Kerr, was a little town in southern North Carolina that came into being when the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railroad built a depot there in 1890. The depot was named Kerr after my family’s name. Shortly thereafter, a Post Office with the same name was established. Farmers and naval stores producers (tar, rosin, and turpentine) living there now had a convenient way to get their goods to market in Wilmington, North Carolina - a major seaport about 100 miles away. Prior to the railroad, they had to use rafts and steamboats on the Black River which posed many navigation hazards. The town ceased to exist when the railroad closed the depot in the mid 1940s, and the post office was closed in 1953. It never had a large population, but there is quite a bit of historical significance to the town and its people. This study aims to document that history.
Population 200-400 (1890), 25 (1945)
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