Nov 082019

In the UK the party political conference season is in September and this year it passed off with the usual mixture of hot air and bluster.

The Society's conference is usually in October or, as in this year, November. As in previous years the conference is related to our Shared Endeavour and the presentations will relate to our theme of Founding Families. They will share their experiences of researching the founding families in their places, some of the techniques used, and some of their findings.

I have attended all the previous conferences to date and found them to be both inspirational and challenging. Way back in 2014 when our Shared Endeavour was WW1, Kim Baldacchino shared a beautiful way of presenting data relating to some of the soldiers she has researched, arranging small images of resources inside a transparent laminate to group them in an unusual manner. I intend to 'borrow' that idea next time I have to do a poster display...

At other conferences Peter Cooper has demonstrated some of his findings from aligning maps to scale and matching grid references and relating these to on-the-ground findings and to LIDAR findings. LIDAR refers to the use of lasers to measure distances to reflective surfaces and hence to glimpse remains under the surface of a place. Peter has merged these to good effect and confirmed the presence of a disused track in his place of which there is no trace now visible on the ground. Peter demonstrated both high-tech web-based means of comparing his maps and a more feasible method for the technically challenged - collating them together in a book!

There have also been guest appearances from yours truly but the less said the better...seriously, I remain grateful both for the opportunity to discuss my study in the company of like-minded people and to receive friendly and constructive feedback from those more experienced than I am. Fancy sharing your findings in future years? Please get in touch - we don't bite.

Whilst face to face conferences are a great opportunity to meet and chat, in these days of busy lives and with an increasingly international based society, this year we are trying something different. Rather than meet at a physical location we will be meeting online, using the Legacy Family Tree Webinars platform, with real-time discussion of the presentations as (or, rather shortly after) they are delivered. So we will meet (virtually), chat (definitely), and be encouraged and inspired to look at new ways of approaching our studies.

The conference will be held on November 16th commencing at 3pm GMT. Links will be sent to members shortly beforehand, and you're welcome to join any or all of the sessions, including the AGM at 5.30pm. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join the fun!

Janet Barrie

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