Country England
County Cheshire
Study Area Marston
About the Study Historically, Marston is a salt township on the fringe of Northwich and within the parish of Great Budworth. It became a civil parish in 1866 and gained its own Church, St Pauls, in 1874. It straddles the Trent and Mersey Canal. Between the 1841 and 1911 census points there were 17 core families (family surnames appearing at each of the 8 census points). Marston grew up primarily focused on salt and as that industry has diminished so has Marston's population and importance.
The aim of the study is to initially produce a family tree for Marston and then to analyse it from social and economic perspectives. To look at family sizes, mortality, social mobility etc.
Population 476 (1841) rising to 961 (1891) dropping to 807 (1911)
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