Tetcott BC Chapel - 2
Country England
County Devon
Study Area Tetcott
About the Study Tetcott is a small, isolated village and parish, near the confluence of the rivers Tamar and Claw, in the far west of Devon some 5 miles to the south of Holsworthy. Situated in rolling parkland, it is unspoiled to this day by the ravages of modern development. At its hub is a splendid manor house with stables, a farm, a church and a few outbuildings clustered around them.

Holy Cross is noted in White's Devonshire (1850) as "a small ancient structure, with a tower and one bell."

Population In 1850, Tetcott had 300 inhabitants and 1,885 acres of land. By 1891, the number of residents had decreased to 207 and the next ten years, saw a further decline to 187.
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