St Mary Bourne Church from Parochial History

Country: England

Region (County/State / Province): Hampshire


Contact: Julie Muirhead

Study Description 

St Mary Bourne and it’s surrounding hamlets have long been of interest to me and over the last 15-20 years I have gathered a large amount of data on the village and it’s inhabitants. My plan is to use this data to study of the village in more detail.
As my focus has always been the poor labourers of the village as it is those people from whom I descend, the initial focus will be on those involved in the Swing Riots of 1830. The initial time frame will be 1821-1841 enabling me to look at what was happening in the area before and after the riots.

The village Overseers Accounts, Parish Records, 1841 Census and Tithe Return will be the main datasets used.


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 1801: 771, 1811: 874, 1821: 1053, 1831: 1125, 1841 – 1152, 1851: 1149

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