Pluckley and Little Chart

Country England
County Kent
Study Area Pluckley and Little Chart
About the Study The parishes of Pluckley and Little Chart were mostly owned by the Dering family. Their name is given to the distinctive windows on many of the local houses. A Heritage Centre and archive is now established in the Church of St Nicholas in Pluckley and we are slowly building our knowledge of its past.
Although there is a lot of information about some aspects of village history, there are lots of unknowns. I am starting a project, using the overseers reports as my foundation, to map every person that appears in any record for the period to 1700. Obviously there are limited resources for the early part of the period but from 1600 it is easier. As part of this I wish to also record the buildings from these periods and try to map the changes that occurred. If anyone can help with information do get in touch.
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