Pateley Bridge High Street

Pateley Bridge High Street
Country England
County North Yorkshire
Study Area Pateley Bridge High Street and surrounding properties
About the Study I have been researching various aspects of Pateley Bridge and much of the surrounding area for the last thirty-five years. I am active in a number of local history groups, have ancestry in the area and have lived in the area all my life. I have already gathered a vast amount of information, including census returns, maps, farm surveys and deeds for various properties in and around Pateley Bridge.

My objective would be to trace the history of the development of Pateley Bridge High Street through time from early title deeds to present date. I aim to start with putting together the 1910 valuation records, which provide owner and occupier details, and linking these with 1911 census records. I feel this is a good starting point as addresses, occupiers and number of rooms can be cross referenced to the 1910 valuation maps which show the location of each property. Title deeds, using the owners' name, should then be traceable to allow steps back in time. Alongside this, speaking to local residents will, hopefully, bring the changes that have taken place within local memory up to present date. Photographs and detailed maps and plans will be used to document the changes where possible.

Population The population of the High Street varies over the years.
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