Armitage and Handsacre

Country England
County Staffordshire
Study Area Armitage and Handsacre
About the Study This One Place Study grew out of my family tree research - I grew up in Armitage - and has evolved to encompass the history of the Parish of Armitage and Handsacre and it's inhabitants.

As well as detailed family trees for Conway, Scragg and Grimley names the following transcriptions have been put together:-
All census between 1841 and 1911
1910 Poor Rate Evaluation
1939 Register
Baptisms, marriages and burials up to 1900

The current objectives of the study are
1) Collect/take as many photographs of people, buildings etc
2) Analyse relationships throughout the census years
3) Study the transport history - toll roads, canal, railway etc
4) Compile a history of pottery manufacture in the village from Thomas Bond in 1817 to the present day

A book has now been published - "The History Of Armitage Potbank Part 1 1809 - 1900." It is about the main employer in the village and copies are available by contacting me through the link below.

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