County Mayo


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County Mayo is an Irish county in the west of Ireland of 5,586 square kilometres in the province of Connacht. Its boundaries are mostly defined by water, bordered to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the County Galway, to the the east by County Roscommon; and the northeast by County Sligo. Mayo third-largest of Ireland's 32 counties in area and 15th largest in terms of population. Mayo has the longest coastline of any county in Ireland, at 1,168 km (726 mi). Castlebar is the county town.

Mayo became a county in 1570 when the English Queen Elizabeth's Lord Deputy in Ireland, Sir Henry Sidney, and his subordinates split Connacht into shires and got its name from the diocese of that name which evolved from a 7th century monastery established by Saint Colmán and some English monks on 'the plain of yews', about 3km. south of Balla. It was called 'Mayo'after the famous monastery and diocese. The Irish name for Mayo is Maigh Eo , which means 'plain of yew-trees'.

The Knock Shrine, a famous place of pilgrimage for Irish catholics lies close to the border with County Roscommon. Mayo is also home to place of pilgrimage, Croagh Patrick, a mountain where according to local legend, patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick fasted for forty days and nights. Today tens of thousands of people climb the mountain, some hardy souls in their bare feet.

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