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Using the #OnePlaceWednesday hashtag over on Twitter last week, with our Members’ Website Competition in mind (see below), I highlighted several Society members’ websites featuring recently-added content. I have started doing something similar on our Facebook page too (if you use either of these platforms, you do follow us, don’t you?). I thought it would be helpful to gather these updates together in a blog post, and the rest of the Society’s Committee agreed, so here goes!

Alpha – Jericho in Queensland , Australia (Janice Cooper)

Janice has been ‘keeping it Real’ in the latest addition to the blog on her OPS website, with William Real, a life of contrasts added on 23 April. It combines family history and local history, features an historic document, and is fully referenced. What's not to like?

Antrobus in Cheshire, England (Clare Olver)

In Have you ever wondered who lived in your house? (posted on 12 April), Clare explains how people can find out more about their Antrobus home or ancestors through her website. In a follow-up posted on 3 May, Have you ever wondered who lived in your house? Part 2, Clare describes some research carried out by, and with, a visitor to her website, and tells “the story of how over the space of a few hours on a Saturday in May, it is possible to harness your inner Poirot and find out the backstory to who lived in your house.”

Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford in Worcestershire, England (Maureen Spinks for the Badsey Society)

Badsey Society members have been very busy adding new content to their website this year, with four new articles in April and another five already in May! These posts cover both people and places within the Society’s study area: village of Badsey, the hamlet of Aldington and the neighbouring parish of Wickhamford.

Buckland Brewer in Devon, England (Janet Few / Buckland Brewer History Group)

Covid-19 has not prevented the Buckland Brewer History Group from meeting – like so many during lockdown, they have moved online. As Janet reported on 16 April: Buckland Brewer History Group Goes Virtual.

Combe Downe in Somerset, England (Richard Hill)

After spending many months working on a Combe Down family tree, on 5 April Richard added a post to his one-place study blog with a title which he believes gives a more accurate description of the results: Combe Down family maze. It looks like Richard has had an a-maze-ing time! This has been followed by a post introducing a story provided to Richard by another researcher, The Miner family on Combe Down.

Dayton, LaSalle County, in Illinois, USA (Candace Wilmot)

People and traditions in her Place have been the subjects of Candace’s five blog posts in April. April Fool’s Day, members of the Trumbo family, basket picnics and May baskets all feature in the most recent additions to Dayton and the Greens.

Gravesend, Brooklyn in New York, USA (Joseph Ditta)

Joseph has recently added an amazing recipe-sharing post to his OPS blog: Wyckoff-Bennett Wafers. Featuring Gertrude Ryder Bennett (1901-1982), a wafer iron so heavy as to suggest that “a crane would have held it over the fire”, and a lost-and-then-found historic recipe, it’s a fascinating read!

Great Ellingham in Norfolk, England (Heather Etteridge)

Heather has been incredibly busy of late, posting a wide range of articles many of which are based on newspaper reports featuring her Place. 12 additions were made in April (culminating with Fowl Dealer down on his Luck) and ten on 1 May (the latest being Mary Ann Scent, daughter of James Matthews). To view them all (along with earlier posts) visit Heather’s website.

Murphys Creek in Queensland , Australia (Pauleen Cass)

Murphys Creek, in words or pictures, makes guest appearances in several of Pauleen’s A-Z Challenge blog posts during April including: Bravery in Family History, Love and the Law, Nature’s Glory and Drama, Of Reading and Religion, and Yearning for “Home”.

North Walls and Brims in Orkney, Scotland (Jane Harris)

Jane blogged about the gamekeepers of her place for the Society’s A – Z Challenge in April, and has very sensibly adapted that post for her own website’s blog (something I have done myself, as you will soon see!). Check out G for gamekeeper.

Parham in Suffolk, England (Simon Last)

Pictorial posts to the Parham Suffolk Facebook Page are regularly added by Simon, along with occasional requests for information on people from Parham’s past, and April has been no exception!

Rillington in North Yorkshire, England (Pam Smith)

Many updates, featuring some fab photos and marvellous maps, have been posted by Pam to the Rillington OPS Facebook page. As with the Parham page above, this is well worth a ‘Like’ if you are on Facebook and would benefit from seeing some extra one-place studies goodness showing up on your timeline.

Springhill in Lancashire, England (Janet Barrie)

In a one-place studies twist on the 52 Ancestors blogging prompts issued by Amy Johnson Crow, Janet has been adding ‘52 Residents’ posts to her OPS blog. Posts in April have covered prompts 14 to 17: water, fire, air, and land.

Thockrington in Northumberland, England (Janet Few)

Thockrington is the latest addition to Janet’s clutch of one-place studies. In Burials in Thockrington, Janet presents the results of an analysis using Bishop’s Transcripts and entries in the National Burial Index for the parish, with some groovy graphs.

Waters Upton in Shropshire, England (Steve Jackson)

I have expanded one of the blog posts I wrote for the Society’s A – Z Challenge in April, and on 5 May added Blacksmiths in Waters Upton – Part 1 to my (recently upgraded) WordPress-based OPS website.

Wonersh in Surrey, England (Jan Cooper)

Jan has been updating the online family tree for her OPS regularly during April, and has a page which shows the Recent Updates. The linked Wonersh Past and Present Facebook Group also looks to be very active.

Woodnorth in Manitoba, Canada (Pamela Forsyth)

The addition of new transcriptions and photos for her OPS during April is announced in two posts from Pamela in her website’s blog.

That’s it for this round-up - I hope I haven't missed anything! Feel free to notify me of any updates to your OPS websites or pages, so that I can share the love of one-place studies via social media and in further blog posts like this one.

If you have a website which you haven’t updated recently, why not have a look to see if there’s anything you can add based on additions to genealogy websites such as Ancestry and Findmypast (or historic newspaper sites like British Newspaper Archive, Chronicling America, Papers Past, Trove, and Welsh Newspapers Online)?

Finally, whether you have a website or not, please consider nominating at least one of your fellow members’ sites in our first Members’ Website Competition, announced on page 15 of the March edition of our journal Destinations. We will be judging entries based on design (the visual appearance of the website; presentation and layout of pages), Usability (the organisation of the website; ease of navigation; readability of content), Content (the information on the website; good synthesis of data; range of data sources used), and Updates (regularity of updates and additional content, for example blog posts). Please submit your nominations by 30 June 2020 – the winner will be announced at our Annual Conference and AGM on 14 November.

Steve Jackson
Social Media Coordinator

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