Sep 082021

Well #OnePlacePubs was a subject which tickled the collective fancies and resulted in a large number of responses which illustrated many of the goings-on in these establishments.

Many One-Placers traced the history of the pubs over time using the census and other documents. Margaret Ford (@Margare49777045)'s blog on the pubs of her place included the RAF Childs Ercall crew on a trip to the Sutherland Arms Tibberton showing eight men in uniform enjoying themselves. Liz Craig (@WillsmanOneName) combined her research of the Luttrell Arms in Dunster with studies in the 1910 Valuation Act and Helen Shields' (@shields_h) survey of the Devonshire Inn and Taw River, Sticklepath, illustrated how she drew on a number of name-rich resources to put their story together. Chris Jolliffee (@ChrisJolliffee2) took this one stage further and admitted to having 'great fun' researching a pub crawl through Bermondsey, with landlords taken from the 1900 Post Office Directory. Sadly very few are still licensed premises so he probably returned home sober. Chris also recommended the pub wiki for research.

Pubs were sometimes the location of nefarious goings-on, with people obtaining beer 'under false pretences', according to Elizabeth Walne (@Elizabeth Walne) whilst Albert Corbett of the 'Crown and Anchor' in Long Buckley Warf visited the Petty Sessions, apparently not the only journey he made there. Thanks to Julie Groom, @Julie_Gfamily, for his story. Emmerson Brand (@ourpasts) traced the history of the landlords of the Yuin Club Hotel, the only pub in Yuin Reef. At one time the landlord was criticised for the lack of alcoholic beverages and subsequently went bankrupt. The Victorian Commons (@TheVictCommons) took a look at the role pubs played in C19 elections, covering a wide range of topics from 'treating' with food and drink to their roles as campaign HQs and the role played by the railways in reducing role they played in the conveyance of voters to the ballot. Another more legitimate use of pubs was as a location for inquests and auctions.  Dr Colin Runeckles (@ColinRuneckles) gave an example of the former from Ilford.

 Jane Harris (@janenharris) combined #OnePlacePubs and our February blog prompt of #OnePlaceWomen with her post on the Ship Inn, probably the only pub in North Hess to be run by a woman. Badingham's 'White Horse' also had female, probably formidable, landlady in 1881 in Ms Hannah Pepper by Elizabeth Walne (@Elizabeth Walne)

Perhaps the ultimate in combining blog prompts was from Julie Groom whose blog on Richard Thompson of Dunster combined #OnePlaceLandmarks, #OnePlaceTragedies, #OnePlaceWomen, #OnePlacePubs, #OnePlaceWorship and #OnePlaceMaps. She did acknowledge that some of the prompts were a little, shall we say, stretched.

Finally Alison @LongmuirMoffat posted a picture of the Band of Hope Pledge her grandfather used to recite, often together with a wee snifter:

'I promise here by Grace Divine

To take no spirits, ale or wine

Nor will I buy or sell or give

Strong drink to others while I live

For my own sake this pledge I take

And even for my neighbours' sake

And this my pledge shall ever be

No Drink, No Drink, No Drink for me!'


Your very good health everyone...bottoms up!

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