Feb 032018

On Friday evening we held the first HangoutOnAir for the year, concentrating on the topic of the Built Heritage of a Home - specifically one home, Springhill House in Lancashire. This proved to be a splendid case study of what can be learned about a property.

First up, we had some technical hiccups so feel free to skip the first four and a half minutes in the recording. Janet then starts getting in to the nitty-gritty of Springhill House, with her focus being on the building, rather than the people, and the various sources that she used to learn more about this building. Some of these are expected, like the legal title registration and deeds, land valuations, and photos of the interior and exterior of the house at various points in time. Some are unexpected - the title deeds of the next-door-but-one house, obituaries, and, if you are lucky enough to reside in the home in question, not-so-random visitors coming to gaze at the house who can be enticed inside to share their knowledge!

The Hangout can be viewed at any time at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq9OvJLqfPs. Members can also watch out for the detailed article about this in the next issue of Destinations.

Alex Coles

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  1. Thanks for a great Hangout everyone – well done for persevering with the technical gremlins – sorry I wasn’t in the room.

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