Jan 042021

This is my attempt to find towns and cities across the world with the words from the song The Twelve Days of Christmas in the names. On the penultimate day, Day Eleven, the True Love gives Eleven Pipers Piping.

There was one Pipers placename that I found, which was in Westmoreland, Jamaica, however I did find a further eight of the singular Piper places. Curiously, all of these were in the USA - in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Alabama.

Similarly, there wasn’t any places called Piping, but there were four Pipes: in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe; in Wisconsin, USA; in Braga, Portugal; and in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Are there any Pipers or Pipings near you or your study Place? Do let me know in the comments!

Karen Bailey
Marketing Manager

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  1. No Piper places but if you haven’t seen the sweet Pixar/Disney animation Piper it is only 6 minutes (plus the time to locate it). A young sandpiper learns to cope with the tide!

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