Jan 022021

This is my attempt to find towns and cities across the world with the words from the song The Twelve Days of Christmas in the names. We’ve got as far as Day Nine, when the True Love gives Nine Ladies Dancing.

Whilst there are no towns or cities called Dancing, there are plenty of “Dancing something”, such as a pair of Dancing Lakes in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, and Dancing Ledge in Dorset, England. There are also a couple of Dancing Lady places, both in the USA but far enough away from each other to presumably bear no relation to each other when they were named: Dancing Lady Lake in Washington and Dancing Lady Mountain in Montana.

Ladies doesn’t appear in any placenames on its own, but there are quite a few places called the singular Lady: three in Poland, one in Mordovia, one in France and one in Belarus.

Know of any Dancing Lady places? Do let me know in the comments!

Karen Bailey
Marketing Manager

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