Jan 052021

This is my attempt to find towns and cities across the world with the words from the song The Twelve Days of Christmas in the names. Our last day of these is Day Twelve where the True Love gives Drummers Drumming.

A slightly disappointing end to this challenge as there appear to be no Drummer, Drummers or Drumming placenames that I could find anywhere in the world!

There is a Drummersville in North Carolina, USA, as well as 3 Drummer Lakes in Canada, a Drummers Creek in Queensland, Australia, a Drummer Mountain in Washington state USA, and a Drumming Hill in Saskatchewan, Canada, all of which go some way to making up for the lack of the words alone in placenames.

I hope you have enjoyed this romp through some unusual placenames! If you have any ideas for further challenges, please do let us know in the comments or via email to the Committee!

Karen Bailey
Marketing Manager

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  1. Durham is often pronounced Dr’m 🙂

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